Franklin County Distilleries

Franklin County Distilleries


Taste local history with Franklin County Distilleries in the famed "Moonshine Capital of the World"

All FCD Heritage Spirits are small batch distilled in a pot still.  We strive to use as many locally sourced ingredients as we can find in our distilling process. FCD’s line of spirits are perfect for sipping by themselves, enjoying on the rocks, and pair beautifully with any number of traditional drink recipes and juices.

FCD’s Moonshines are all unique with a flavor strictly their own. A sense of historical nostalgia comes alive with each taste.  Stop by FCD to try a variety of our liquors, enjoy delicious food and decide which bottle you would like to take home today!

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  • Address: 25156 Virgil H. Goode Highway, Boones Mill, VA 24065
  • Hours: 
    • Thursday - 4 PM to 9 PM
    • Friday - 4 PM to 10 PM
    • Saturday - 12 PM to 10 PM
    • Sunday - 12 PM to 8 PM
    • Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday - Closed
  • Phone: (540) 334-1610
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Roosters Rise-N-Shine Distillery

Roosters Rise and Shine DistilleryAbout

From Franklin County’s bootlegging roots during the Prohibition era of the 1920s to modern-day depictions on the big screen, there’s nothing watered down about the wettest county in the world.

Roosters Rise -N- Shine Distillery is named for our current family patriarch, Ronald “Rooster” Hodges. Rooster’s been up and down and all around these hills his whole life. He’ll tell you enough personal bootlegger stories to prove that they don’t call Franklin County the Moonshine Capital of the World for nothing.

At Roosters Rise -N-Shine Distillery, we honor our history as we forge ahead to our future. Our ancestors have called Franklin County home dating as far back as 1823. To pay tribute to our roots, we chose a photo of our family homeplace in the Callaway mountains to be the background design on our bottle labels.

Here at Roosters Rise -N- Shine Distillery, we begin with an authentic moonshine recipe provided by Franklin County native “Rooster” Hodges, the patriarch of our family. In our Westlake tasting room, we flavor the base recipe with choices from maple whiskey to peach to vodka to apple pie. Pride in Southern flavor flows through every ounce.

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  • Address: 96 Builders Pride Drive, Hardy, VA 24101
  • Hours: 
    • Thursday - 1 PM to 6 PM
    • Friday & Saturday - 12 PM to 8 PM
    • Sunday - 1 PM to 6 PM
    • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday - Closed
  • Phone: (540) 986-5044
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Twin Creeks Distillery

Twin Creeks DistilleryAbout

In 2014, Chris Prillaman (Owner and Head Distiller) took a leap of faith and vowed to open a business that would shed light on the true whiskey ways of home and preserve traditional living in the deepest parts of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Though both of Chris' grandparents were deeply connected to whiskey, his father passed when he was age fourteen and the mountain folks took him under their wing. He absorbed everything and ran with the knowledge they passed on.

A large percentage of folks in and around Franklin County, Virginia have close connections to moonshine and whiskey. It was a way of life and means of survival for many.

Today, his eldest daughter, Anna Prillaman, works to preserve the lone-standing traditions.

Our family operates a fully-stocked distillery store and tasting room in Rocky Mount, Virginia and distributes several of their products in VA ABC stores.

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  • Address: 510 Franklin Street, Rocky Mount, VA, 24151
  • Hours: 
    • Wednesday & Thursday - 4 PM to 9 PM
    • Friday & Saturday - 1 PM to 9 PM
    • Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday - Closed
  • Phone: (540) 483-1266
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